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With NO malice to anyone one at all – My message to my fellow brethren in the “Greater Srinagar District”

First a small note on why I address you as from “Greater Srinagar District” – unlike most people who address you as Kashmiri. Of course, you are Kashmiris, but it’s a mistake to think that you constitute the whole of what can be called Kashmiris. You and I know that the small circle no 6 below does not constitute the State of Jammu and Kashmir. This, of course, is more of an education to others like Barkha Dutt, Rajdeep, Shobe De, Chidambaram, Azad etc… rather than to you and me.

Now, to the message or rather a few messages.
As an assumption, I agree that a good portion of the population from Circle No. 6 below is wanting to be free from India and form a country of their own. Now whether this assumption is right or correct, we will leave that for a later day discussion. I will not waste your time or challenge your dream by asking whether a country under circle no 6 will be safe or viable. I assume you would have thought of a suitable barbed wire to fence the border and the economics of the areas around the circle no 6. But make no mistake – people from other parts of the map below are either happy with India or under Pak administration or been gifted by Pak to China.

Now here are my sincere pieces of advice.

First, no matter how hard we try the small portion under circle 6 cannot be truncated without a consensus and involvement of the entire region engulfing the circle within the map, besides the involvement of India as a country. Look at the map again deeply and you will know that given the diversity of the stake holders – that consensus is not happening – not in this life, not in the next.

So my brothers and sisters – it is NOT happening and this is not a “jan sanghi batta” (only you will know those terms) speaking his frustration but a prudent and neutral third party looking at it dispassionately. And I leave it to your judgment as to what you should really be fighting for.

Second, it is very painful, and yes I mean very painful, to see young kids dead or blinded from the authorized gun. But did you notice a trend. Did you see a single affected child being a child of a rich man, a chief engineer, a famous doctor, a rich secretary, an affluent business man, a successful politician? No, but why? Are these people not supporting the movement? Or are their kids not “innocent”? No. The reason is simple, they don’t risk their kids out on the street instigating a duty bound cop to fire at them, just because a calndar was issued.

This is foolish and ridiculous! The duty bound armed person with an authorized gun does not decide your ‘azaadi’ but is surely duty bound and authorised to “kill” if in danger of being kileld. Right or wrong – that’s the reality. Sooner we realize this – more the number of kids saved from this insanity. But, once again I leave it to your judgment.

The last piece of advice – don’t expose yourself with respect to the minuscule fellow community that got thrown out of home as a part of your freedom struggle. They are too small to count for you or your opponent. But given their significance as a minority – they will become the biggest road block in your secular claims. Now you and I know the movement is not secular by any standard. Its political and its religious. And by telling them “come back – we miss you and want to hug you” – remember you are, in effect, telling them “come back and join the 40k crowd of people at the funeral process of a terrorist killed by an authorized gun. Or we will attack you as we did.”
Yes, yes I know he was not a terrorist for you – he was a freedom fighter to you, but to them he was the one that challenged the country they stand for.

Friends, I am not going to bore you with what my own family and extended families went through, but keep in mind you are fighting an unwise battle, you are not fighting for what needs really to be fought and a section of the press is using you to gain their TRP and you are celebrating your misuse!